Energy Saving Single / Three Phase Thyristor Unit ( THYRISTOR DRIVE )

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HG 2003/ 1 is a fully synchronised, true three phase angle thyristor power controller for 3 wire or 4 wire resistive, transformer coupled resistive & inductive loads. The output through 3 pairs of SCR''S in inverse parallel mode gives synchronised full wave control over all the three phases. The drive accommodates all feathers like soft start, current limit & over current limit as a standard features. It is built to work in harsh industrial environment. It gives very smooth control at the set value of a PID Controller with a 0 shoot up and shoot down which saves at least 5 to 10% of energy. This unit is well suited for Ovens, Kilns, Furnaces, Plastic Injection Moulding Machines & Many More where smooth control at set value is required. As this unit is vigorously tested in our own Furnaces, it can be used blindly on any equipment.

Smooth control of complex heaters such as: * Molybdenum disilicide * Tungsten * Silicon carbide * Quartz Lamps * Infra-red heaters & all types of heating systems *Ovens * Kilns
* Autoclaves * Furnaces * Lighting *Considerable savings in electrical consumption

Advanced hybrid design incorporating logic analog circuits *Compact robust construction with copper bus-bars *Bulkhead mounting for easy installation *Self synchronizing *Isolated heat sink *shrouded electronics meeting CE norms for added safety *Field adjustable current limit current trip *Phase angle control *Field adjustable soft start *Semi-conductor fuse *Line to load regulation *High to load rated SCR's *Configurable inputs *Standard models customization *Comprehensive operating * installation trouble shooting manual


HGB30 12 Kw 0.18 kw 35 Kw- 30000 Kcal /Hr LPG/ Natural gas At 50 mbar
HGB 60 35 Kw 0.18 kw 70 Kw-60000 Kcal/ Hr LPG/ Natural gas At 50 mbar
HGB 80 56 Kw 0.25 kw 90 Kw-80000 Kcal/ Hr LPG/ Natural gas At 50 mbar
Energy Saving LPG / CNG Gas Burner ( GAS BURNER ASSEMBLY ) | Energy Saving Single / Three Phase Thyristor Unit
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